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Thank you for your interest in our Threat Modeling for Security Champs 301. We have reached max capacity for this course and enrollment is closed. We will be offering it again in the future. Join our mailing list to be the first to know when new classes are coming up.

Threat modeling for security champs (301)

Support threat modeling work by your teams

For technology professionals looking to deliver secure systems, threat modeling is an essential skillset. Learn from Adam Shostack, who wrote the most popular book on the threat modeling. May 24-28 9AM-10 AM Pacific. Equivalent to a 1 day in-person course, 10 hours including classes and homework. Limited to 25 participants. Enrollment Cost $1700.00


This course builds on the skills developed in either our 212 or 222 Threat Modeling Courses. Students should be familiar with more than one way to answer “what are we working on” and “what can go wrong.”

Every participant receives

printed and electronic copies of:

  • Slidebook (42 pages, spiral bound)

  • Elevation of Privilege game

  • Exercises booklet

  • Threat modeling stencil

  • Whiteboard sketchbook


"One of the top professional development courses in my 35+ year career. - Charles F."

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Ready (Work due by first class)

    • Welcome + Introduction to Distributed Courses

    • 301 Course Readiness Survey

    • Shipping Information form

    • Syllabus (downloadable)

    • Preparing for Online Learning (downloadable)

    • Learning Online

    • Introduction to Threat Modeling for Security Champs

    • Exercises File (downloadable)

    • Course Book (downloadable)

    • Yoda

    • Jenga

    • Introducing Threat Modeling (Optional)

    • Introducing Elevation of Privilege (Optional)

    • Exercises: RACI + Jenga

  • 2

    Monday Live Class

    • Live class (calendar invite)

  • 3

    What Are We Working On: Frameworks + System Models (Due: Tuesday)

    • Evaluation Frameworks

    • Leading Threat Modeling Work

    • System Model Evaluations

    • Exercise: Provide Feedback on System Models

  • 4

    What Can Go Wrong: Threats (Due: Wednesday)

    • Organizational Evaluation

    • Threat List Evaluations

    • Exercise: Threats Feedback

  • 5

    What Are We Going To Do About It: Mitigations (Due: Thursday)

    • Mitigation Evaluations

    • Exercise: Mitigation Feedback

    • Required External Readings on ADRs

    • Required External Readings on Escalations

    • Write a short essay on either ADRs or escalations

  • 6

    Did We Do A Good Job: Retrospectives (Due: Friday)

    • Required External Reading on Debriefing Facilitation

  • 7

    How Did We Do?

    • How Did We Do? Give us survey feedback

    • Participate in a Retrospective of Threat Modeling for Security Champs 301

  • 8

    Bonus Content

    • EoP Game (PowerPoint)

    • EoP Cheat Sheet (downloadable)

    • Threat Modeling in 2020

Time until kickoff

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds