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Add a course wrap up with Adam Shostack

Take your threat modeling knowledge to the next level with a 60-minute, 1-on-1 video consultation with threat modeling expert Adam Shostack. 

In your course wrap up session Adam will answer your questions and provide tailored guidance to address your specific goals. You can pick Adam's brain on topics like:

  • Core threat modeling principles and processes: Review foundational concepts like assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigations. Walk through threat modeling methodologies step-by-step to solidify understanding.
  • Customized advice for improving your threat models: Bring your own threat model diagrams and data flows. Adam will provide concrete feedback on how to strengthen your models to better illuminate risks and priorities.
  • Threat modeling practices: Learn Adam's tips for executing effective threat modeling across your organization - from getting stakeholder buy-in to threat modeling integrated into your SDLC.
  • Tailored guidance for your industry or use case: Adam has applied threat modeling across a vast array of industries, from tech to healthcare to auto. 
  • Latest threat modeling trends and innovations: Adam closely tracks cutting-edge advancements in the field. Discuss where threat modeling shows the most promise going forward for security teams.

During your course wrap up, Adam Shostack will draw from his deep expertise in threat modeling and security design to focus wholly on your needs. As an industry pioneer, Adam authored the popular book Threat Modeling: Designing for Security as well as the recent Threats: What Every Engineer Should Learn from Star Wars. He also led the creation of the widely-used SDL Threat Modeling Tool and helped establish global security standards like CVE. With decades of experience in the field, including pioneering the Elevation of Privilege threat modeling game, Adam will work to strengthen your own skills and understanding of this critical discipline. Let his substantial background in establishing threat modeling practices, authoring key texts, and pushing the industry forward guide the session and empower you in your own security journey.

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